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Comprehensive Service Menu

Goal Review & Communication

·     Quarterly meetings to update financial goals, review your investment performance, and reallocate your portfolio

·     Special reports on how to reduce your taxes and other important topics

·     Invitation to Legacy Wealth Management Group special events (guests welcomed)

Retirement Planning

·     Analysis of your income needs now, and in the future

·     Continual analysis of your income needed to maintain a comfortable standard of living

·     Recommendations regarding the best distribution strategy for your employer retirement plans and IRAs

·     Analysis if beneficiaries of your IRAs and how to establish an Inherited IRA

Investment Services

·     Review your investments and design a personalized portfolio appropriate to your needs

·     Year-long, continual monitoring of your investments

·     Quarterly statements

·     Independent advice

·     Commission-free transactions on most stocks, bonds or mutual funds 

·     Recommendations regarding positioning of funds within you employer provided retirement plans, such as 401(k)s

·     Quarterly “market watch” letter describing our firm’s research, analysis and view of the current state of investment markets

Tax Planning

·     Comprehensive review of your tax return to highlight opportunities for maximizing tax reduction strategies

·     Quarterly review of your tax return to highlight opportunities for maximizing any new tax law changes

·     Complementary consultation with your tax preparer or recommendation to one in our network

·     Recommendations of tax solutions including tax advantaged investments

·     Staying up-to-date on and presenting new tax laws that can affect your situation

Estate Planning

·     Analysis of your current estate plan and concerns

·     Complementary consultation with your attorney or recommendation to one in our network

·     Assistance in transferring assets to your Living Trust or other trusts

·     Providing guidance with the appropriate and necessary steps in the event of the death of a loved one