Announcement of Partner Addition

Legacy Wealth Management Group is very proud to announce that we have added Steve Melen as a partner to our practice. 

As many of you know, one of our founding principles at Legacy Wealth Management Group is that personal hardship creates an introspective care for clients’ wellbeing, and Steve shares this principle.  

In February of 2008, Steve was diagnosed with stomach cancer. On top of caring for his daughter, and expanding his business, he was faced with a daunting prognosis and severe treatments, including removing organs and undergoing extensive chemo and radiation therapy. These experiences have fostered an intrinsic sense of understanding and appreciation for client circumstances. We find this level of understanding to be absolutely imperative to this business. 

Having grown up in Saratoga, California, Steve attended University of San Diego where he obtained his Bachelor of Business Administration. Steve began his career at Charles Schwab, where he grew his skillset as a Senior Bond Specialist working on the bond trading floor. He continued this specialization as a Financial Advisor for Morgan Stanley. Steve joins Legacy Wealth Management Group with a total of 26 years as a licensed financial advisor. Many of Steve’s high net worth clients leverage knowledge of conservative assets to produce recurring income and hedge against market volatility.

Through partnership, existing clients will experience an enhanced experience by leveraging a group structure and differentiation in roles and will allow us increased capacity for new business. We are honored that an advisor with an in-depth and lengthy business experience, and congruent personal experience, has decided to work with us and look forward to creating additional value for our clients going forward. 


Steve Melen

Office: (415) 810-3377





Brandon Harvey

Founder / Family Wealth Advisor


Brandon Harvey and Steve Melen are registered representative with, and securities offered through LPL Financial, Member FINRA/SIPC.